Who I Am


my Favorite football team is FC Barcelona. I will always be a fan of this team.


Well, this is my favorite English team. I always liked this team.


I am a Belizean and i am proud. Always my real home.


My favorite position on the pitch. Always where my mind is at.


I am starting to like basketball. I have always like Jordans.


I will always love these. My life is with these.


My Winter Break

I did a lot of little things this winter including going to Hurricane ridge. I went to Hurricane ridge for a day with my aunt brother and two cousins. There, snow was still falling so we couldn’t go to the top,but we heard there was six and a half feet of snow at the top. There was still about three to four feet of snow where we were. Also i actually got some cool presents this year. I bought myself GTA V, i got a small drone, some socks, and a big box of goldfish. For christmas my family went to my other aunts house and had dinner.For New years i went to my other cousins for the day and we stayed up until 5:oo am. We went long boarding for over half of the day, and had a great time setting of fire works. Over all my winter break was awesome.

My Thanksgiving Weekend

I had a good Thanksgiving. Making the food with my mom and sister was very fun. My aunt and uncle came to our house and we ate with them. After that  my brother and I went into the street and passed the football (not the European kind). I didn’t stay up late or anything I went to bed like normal and that was my thanksgiving.